If a pizza is sliced in the forest…

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Poorly-cut pizza

If nobody’s eating the pizza but you, it doesn’t matter how you cut it.  No one will complain about the relative sizes of the slices, and no one will criticize their shapes.  You don’t even have to make the first cut (or any cut) go through the centre.  I missed a creative opportunity here, but the fact of this unusual freedom only really occurred to me as I was finishing the slicing.

I didn’t eat it all at one meal, which in practical terms could have been limiting if, for aesthetic reasons, I’d wanted to make (for example) one 13° sliver and a single 347° Pac-Man.  Still, where it could have been ludicrously nonuniform, my work was merely haphazard.  Mediocre, in fact.

Live and learn.  But when will be the next such unconstrained pizza?  I can’t buy one just to cut up in a consciously erratic fashion.  I wouldn’t devote resources to something so ridiculous.