Animal crackers

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Animal crackers

Are animal crackers crackers, or cookies? The manufacturer of these ones isn’t much help: the package describes them as “butter biscuits for children.”  That’s funny, because I ate them all.

They’re German.  I would have linked to Bahlsen’s site but it’s got a horrible flash intro page.

Anyway. For me, it’s pretty simple. They are crackers. Why?  Docking holes.

Here is my tomato soup waiting for some animals to jump in.

Tomato soup and animal crackers

The duck went first.

Then some other animals decided it was safe to join it.

Animal crackers in my soup

Maybe they should have held off a bit longer. This is not how I imagined my photos of animal crackers in my soup.

What even happened to that duck?

Soaking and sinking

They dissolved pretty fast.  Eating this was not particularly enjoyable.  The soup was too sweet.  Sweet soup with sweet cracker mush. Blech.

The crackers went better with tea. One after another, after another, they went, with tea. Better.

Animal crackers