Spider on a bike

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spiderweb on a bike

Not riding the bike.  My bike had a flat tire a little while back, and I took the wheel off to fix it, noticed the jockey wheels were worn into ninja throwing stars (I don’t actually know if throwing stars look like that, but I drew blood from my thumb picking one up, so they resemble weaponry in one important respect), took the chain off to fix the derailleur, tried to put the wrong size of jockey wheels in, and ordered some more of the right size.

Then it got chilly out, and I couldn’t face sitting on the concrete with numb fingers and a numb butt, fiddling with tiny bolts and chain breakers and tire levers, and the leaves fell off the trees and buried the jockey wheels on the ground next to the naked derailleur, and spiders started building webs on the handlebars.  It looks kind of disreputable, I have to say, kind of like a car left in the front yard until the tires deflate and the chrome and bodywork rusts (or the plastic fades), and weeds start sprouting from under the hood.

Parking the working bike ahead of the sad bike one evening, I spotted this spider in the beam of my back light and hatched a plan to get the tripod out and try to get a shot of it.  It took me about a week to summon up the hardiness to go back out in the cold and do it.

Focus was a problem in the low light.  I didn’t quite nail it.

I have ordered a bike workstand. I think this will help get my poor derelict bike back on its wheels again.  Right?