A silly picture of a frozen beer

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So, what do you do if you live in England and you’re a student and you can’t spare permanent space in your minuscule fridge for beer, but then you decide you want a beer? I can answer that question from experience. You put it in your even-more-minuscule freezer and forget about it until it explodes.

Depending upon your definition of the word “student,” you may ask: “What else belongs in a student’s fridge other than beer?” I say: any food you don’t want to go mouldy. I had no witty response to offer to your question.

Seriously, you should see the fridges over here. I aspire one day to be in a position to have a fridge that doesn’t fit under the counter, without blocking a window, cutting out part of the stairwell that causes the ceiling to angle down at one end of the room, or halving, simultaneously, my counter space and my cupboard space.

But, you say, back to the point: what kind of self-respecting student can forget about a beer? I say: a worn-out old one like me, or alternatively, and if you’re at all reasonable you have to give me this: one who has other beers to entertain her/him in the meantime.

All right, you may continue, as if there could possibly be a hypothetical “you” that’s read this far, but what about this silly picture of a beer and a clementine on a black-and-white counter with black-and-white apples?

I don’t have a good answer to that, either.