Ready for spring: Prologue

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Surprise blizzard

I was actually getting a little fed up with winter in February. We’ve had a bit more snow than usual and I hate riding my bike in the snow. On the road, that is. I remember going out one March on my mountain bike, specifically to do endos and land on my back in cushy snow. That was, admittedly, a long time ago. And there was enough snow to act as a cushion.

The morning of the ride depicted above, I dawdled a bit before going out, waiting for the sun to burn off the frost in the bike lanes. It looked like the coast was clear. When we came outside, a few delicate snowflakes wafted by, sparkling in the sun. Cute, I thought. I welcomed them as little sparkly eyeball treats in my life and thought no more of it. Then, a few minutes into the ride, the sky started to look heavier. Then it got really pretty dark. Then it started snowing. Then I took a couple of pictures. Then I put my camera away because visibility was dropping and a carpet of snow was forming under our wheels.

I was happy, for the nth time this winter, that G was ensconced in her Cargobike cockpit. It’s been that kind of a winter.

(Disclaimer: It doesn’t really compare with what the family had back home, but we currently live in a climate where it’s generally feasible to opt to commute by bike year-round, with a child on board.)