Totally tubular.

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I’m so out of touch that I didn’t know young, hip people said “awesome” anymore (or again). Do they really? Maybe they do; I did recently witness a person who looked just about grown up call out to a similar specimen: “Dude, I haven’t seen you in ages!” If dude endures, perhaps awesome does too.

I find it more amusing to imagine that they actually wouldn’t touch the term with a 10-foot pole, like I wouldn’t have considered using the word “hip” when I was a teenager, and that this ad was dreamed up by somebody born in the `70s and approved by somebody born in the `70s, and that it’s being snickered at by the 15-year-olds waiting for the bus.


More likely, the ad is aimed at people born in the ’70s and the ad creatives and the 15-year-olds are snickering.  Notice the skateboard…I’m probably being paranoid…right? Kids do still skate…