Traffic signs and road markings: Part I

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I’ve been noticing signs a bit lately.  Features on everyday routes can become a bit invisible, but I’ve wandered around a bit in the warmer weather and some of the ones on other people’s routes caught my interest.

I wonder what it's like to park over there.  Sadly, I'll never know.

Here’s one I’m glad I don’t see every day, because, actually, I think it would annoy me every day.  As far as I can tell, there is no approach to this nice covered bike rack not prohibited to cyclists by one variety of sign or another.  Except, perhaps, across the lawn behind it.  To even get to the lawn from this location (in order to test whether you’ll get shouted at for riding across it), riding the right way around the one-way system, would first require riding a block further away.

Despite the fact that it’s a bit of a walk to any building in the area, these racks are reasonably well used.  Probably the people who use it are more sensible than I am and just ride in instead of fuming at the silly signs.

I admit to occasionally suffering from a temptation to design a sign telling motorists they have to get out of their cars and push,  Mr Bean-style (YouTube), in order to get to their parking spaces (I’d have to learn, or coin, a succinct word or phrase for “get out and push”).  Even more diabolical would be to simply place “no entry” and “one-way” (the other way) signs on every approach to an attractive row of free parking.