First photo

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This is the first photo I took with my new Nikon D90.  I went straight for the 35mm f1.8 lens I’d bought with it and looked to see what kind of depth-of-field I could get.

I love how the guy’s head is in the dead centre of the frame.  This composition reflects how badly I wanted my first shot with a digital SLR to be in focus, and focused manually, with that manual focus ring I’ve craved for so long.  I made sure enough of the many possible settings were sensible, and made sure the focus was OK, and the subject was one I’ll remember fondly, and pushed the shutter release without recomposing.

There are enough things to get right on this camera that I don’t regret that decision.  There is scope to generate really embarrassingly screwed-up photos, and I have, but none of those are DSC_0001.

The subject, by the way, is one of several toys we bought at Mothercare in a panicked bid to ensure we had some new objects with which to divert the attention of a then-13-month-old G on an eight-hour overnight flight to Toronto.  None of the toys were relevant on that trip, as it turned out (hint: food was much more important).

This car has great, rubbery wheels that spin easily and drive straight.  G takes issue with the fact that it’s so stubborn about going in a straight line, but for me it’s a joy to roll around.  I even went back to buy another one (there were two models) but, alas, the cars were no longer available.

I’m pleased with this as the first frame in my “Camera4” database (“Camera” started in 2002, shots from a 2MP Canon Powershot A40 I thought was the best thing since pain de campagne…OK, I’m back from browsing old cycling-holiday shots…hey, F’s wearing the same cycling jersey right now as that younger guy in this photo from 2002…uh, what was I talking about?).

I was interested to see just how different the D90’s output would be to that of “Camera2”, a Powershot A700 (purchased mid-1996) and “Camera3,” a Panasonic DMC-LX3 (purchased late 2008), so I took a bunch more pictures of this same car.

I’m planning to post some of these, just because I can.  But not tonight.  I’m trying a new routine wherein I go to bed before it’s stupidly late and see if I’ll be more productive if I’m less tired.  Whoops.  Missed it again.