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So that whole sleeping-more-so-I’ll-be-more-productive thing…

I’d say I have probably become more productive per unit time, but sleeping is taking up some units of time I’d otherwise be using to produce something: blog posts, photos, travel plans, cookies. What it probably has been good for is my productivity at work. But that’s neither here.

(Because I was going to say that’s neither here nor there, but actually it is there.)

Because I like blog posts, and because I like blog posts to have pictures in them, here is the top of a building, somewhere in the north of the Netherlands, that looks kind of like a Dalek.

I took that picture seven years ago, almost to the day, through the back window of a car as we passed by. I am still very pleased with myself.

What do you mean, it doesn’t look like a Dalek? You sound just like the other two people in the car at the time.