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Phooobooboo. We have had quite a week here. Which is to say: we’ve all been sick and it’s been really boring and not much has happened.

The weather has me practically hibernating, although it’s not really wintry, which is good because, in keeping with our family tradition, I appear to have lost my winter bike gloves.

The only possible blogging topic that’s made me feel at all animated has been the things I’ve seen on my bike rides to and from work, and I’m trying to avoid writing too much about that. I have a couple of ground rules for myself here, and that topic would break both of them. All of them. Wait. How many ground rules do I have? …ok, at least three. All subject to change if think I can justify it.

For now, one of those rules is to keep the strong language to a minimum, and to be honest, most of the fun of revisiting events from my commute that make me feel animated would be in combining all sorts of rude words in absurd, hyperbolic, oxymoronic, or simply moronic combinations.

Combined with my general animation shortage, this leaves me with not much to say for the moment.

I was going to just post a photo of our California poppies all twisted up and huddled against the cold, gloomy weather, but when I went to take the shot things were looking up.

Maybe not quite the summery weather I’m yearning for, but enough to mow the lawn.