Happy Canada Day!

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This is about the extent of our Canada Day celebrations this year. There isn’t even any water in the pool (luckily for our flags). I did get G saying something that sounded like it was supposed to be “Happy Canada Day.” She’s an enthusiastic mimic.

It was somewhere close to 30 degrees out today; really nice and summery but not too hot to cycle because there was haze and some cloud cover. I’m tempted to pull a reverse Fat Cyclist and put in some sort of esoteric non-imperial unit for any non-Celsius speakers who may happen by, but I’ll look it up properly and tell you 30C is 86F.

There are no fireworks for us this year, although when the Colleges had their May Ball fireworks we could actually see them from upstairs in our house!  That suits us just fine these days. Younger people (and at least one slightly older person) we know went punting and drinking on the Backs (in the cold, I might add) to watch, but we were warm and sober and very close to our bed and to our bedtime.

The weather has been fantastic since just before my last depressing post, and we must have been busy since then, because that was 11 days ago. What a bad blogger! If I’d blogged more, maybe there would have been a record of what we’ve done all this time (aside from work).

Anyway, Happy What’s Left of Canada Day to all Canadians, and to anyone else who cares to celebrate.

Keep yer stick on the ice…