I just came in from BBQ-ing hamburgers and marshmallows.

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It’s been a maximum of about 20 degrees out in the last couple of days, and as it may not be that warm again until next summer, I was inspired to fit in one last barbecue this season. The experience wasn’t quite as I’d intended: F stayed late at work and so I didn’t light the coals until after G was in bed. And it decided to rain.

I was not about to let that stop me toasting my [insert expletive here] marshmallows once the burgers were done (which I ascertained with the help of a flashlight).

Just now noticing some of my knuckles seem to be, let’s say, more perfectly hairless than they were before. Yes, I did use a stick to hold the marshmallows. Well, a fondue fork.

To sum up: I was at a BBQ by myself. It was raining. It was completely dark. I gave myself a sugar high from eating marshmallows before supper. I am so cool.

Keep this in mind for an upcoming post in which I share more of my astounding BBQ expertise.