Making hay

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I mowed the lawn today, although it seemed more like making hay after all the rain we’ve had. Although looking at the job I did, you might think whoever cut the hay may have had more alcohol than is wise before operating heavy machinery.

Not that it would have been wise to operate small a electric mower while drunk, either. The point is, it took a few passes in some parts of the garden to make it look convincing that I’d done anything more than run a roller over it, and maybe I got a bit less orderly about it after a while.

Someday I will have a gasoline/petrol-powered mower that actually cuts the grass, but I am holding out until I own my own lawn. I am aware that this is a scaled-up version of the resolution I had for one month in 2000, not to buy a coffee maker, and the resolution I held until 2006, not to buy a printer, because we were going to move back to Canada and it would have the wrong plug.

And, I suppose, a scaled-down version of my resolution not to have a baby here in case it ended up with the wrong accent.

Oh well, at least I’m still sticking to one resolution.