That was fast

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I have a whole thing to write about the mysteriously powerful physical aversion to technology I developed a few months ago, which made it much more boring to try to write blog posts. I really should write that post first to set the stage for this. However, this is a fast post and that doesn’t seem so fast to write, so let’s skip to the point: we’re expecting a sibling for G late this summer.

I’m not all that comfortable as a personal blogger, and there are certainly already plenty of good (and consistent) bloggers who share their experiences of pregnancy in ways that are often helpful, so I’m inclined not to write a lot about it. But it does become a large factor in your life when you’re doing it.

For instance, it has caused my Fat Cyclist jersey to become too tight.

It still looks plausible that I’ve just been eating “too many pies” (as they say here), but that ain’t it. In any case, I don’t think they mean apple pies, or pecan pies, or other kinds that I might eat too many of.

It’s time to start stealing F’s jerseys. I may have to buy him some new ones first. And I wonder whether it’s time for me to have the bib shorts revelation.

So back to the “not comfortable” bit. My original inclination was to cover up that smug look on my face with some frivolous graffiti — I had in mind a confused superposition of The Count and Count Rugen:

Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet and swallow my pride (I guess it was inside the bullet) and leave the photo unadulterated.

G asked who this was a picture of. I said it was Mommy. G replied: “Mommy with beautiful hair.” I just don’t know how to take that.