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I don’t have anything cohesive to offer, so let’s have a handful of loosely-or-not-at-all-associated whatevers, just so I can feel as though I had some sort of product to show for some of my activity of late.

We’re just coming down from the longest stretch of really summery weather we’ve had this year. The summer baby we timed just a little bit late got to spend some bonus time outside in warm weather. So did our autumn-baby-that-was.

I like blog posts to have pictures in them. I won’t share any amusing photos of me charging back and forth along the narrow backyardgarden, in thick fleece pantstrousers and bulky sweaterjumper, playing soccerfootball with an almost-three-year-old who’s getting difficult to tackle without fouling. Actually, I hope you’ll agree that probably no such photos exist, because they wouldn’t be very flattering if they did. Here’s one that does exist.

There. (Spot the baby.)

I made a cake last night. It’s really chocolatey, really sweet, really moist, and really dense. This is because it has more chocolate than flour in it. And more butter than flour. And more than twice as much sugar as flour. And I had to stop baking it before the skewer came out clean because it was getting late and the baby was ready to sleep and this has become an important parameter in our operational decisions. This cake was so rich I started to feel sick before I could finish my small slice. And that’s saying something. F was able to finish his but he humoured my concern that he might overdose on sugar, butter, and/or chocolate if he had another.

At home this morning, I spoke to as many people as I likely would have spoken to if I’d gone out; to wit, the postman (briefly), the Avon lady (briefly), and a Jehovah’s Witness.

Today at lunchtime, I had the brilliant idea of using a dried-out piece of toast I’d left in the toaster at lunchtime yesterday as a source of croutons for my soup. Actually, it wasn’t that brillliant an idea.

Last thing for today: something beautiful, in case you missed it, like I did until a family member linked to it on Facebook (thanks, Doug!). Almost everyone reading this will have seen Doug’s link. Still.