Indie kids’ books by Secret Agent Josephine

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Baby-Without-an-Internet-Handle and I are a dynamic spy duo on a not-so-stealthy mission.

Our cyber-friend Brenda Ponnay has asked for help to spread the word about her Secret Agent Josephine kids’ books. I’m not exactly well-positioned to raise her profile, but I’m happy to take a stab at it from my too-cleverly-hidden lair. Brenda, aka SAJ, is an illustrator and longtime blogger, who’s launching a series of books for young children on the classic subjects of letters, numbers, and colours (aka “colors”). Her design sense is, well, designer-y: uncluttered and clean, but with a vibrance and energy that should appeal to kids as well as adults.

Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s, Numbers, and Colors are available as ebooks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks, and at least two of the books can also be had in physical form.

Brenda’s author page