The merits of frozen spinach

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Whoa, I almost got on a roll there, posting to this blog. The last few days have been pretty child-centric, though, which means interruptions cause me to jettison most of my thoughts before I can carry them to any sort of conclusion.

Baby smiling about spinach

I leave you with a photo of a baby eating spinach for the first time (and some of the consequent mess). She ate it with an enthusiasm I found a bit out of line with her previous reactions to new foods. Then I realized just how similar cooked, previously-frozen spinach is, in taste and texture, to soggy paper towel, and it suddenly made utterly complete sense.

Now to check one more time whether Simon Pegg has posed with twine (hoping he embraces the challenge), and try to catch some shuteye.

*That’s not a reference to a story I’ve ever written, but it goes pretty much like this: we lived in an apartment. It was damp. Our cardboard boxes and particleboard shelf units went mouldy. We threw a lot of stuff out. The end.**

**Edited to add: And that is not a footnote to anything I introduced in this blog post. But I may later, if I can find what I said in the first place.