King of the Mountains

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Every time I read “Go, Dog. Go!” to G, I want to make some art. Every time I see a bit of a Tour de France stage, I want to make some art. So here is Thomas Voeckler* wearing the Polka-dot Jersey on a road that doubtless leads to a big party in a tree.

I doodled this using MyPaint, a really nice, focused “natural-media” painting program, on a Thinkpad X61T (which I bought used in order to have the pressure-sensitive Wacom digitizer). It’s so much fun! I learned a lot about MyPaint doing this. I wanted to try Krita as well, but there’s a huge lag and 100% CPU usage on this aging machine. MyPaint is apparently much less demanding.

I can’t wait for something with a form factor like an Android tablet or iPad (and, importantly, no fan), with a good pressure-sensitive stylus.

*I feel a bit silly linking to Wikipedia so often, but it’s usually the easiest summary for a thing. Probably a better link for the Tour than the official page too. Also: “le Chou-Chou?” really? Heehee