The sun came out over the snowdrops

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Here’s what they looked like in the middle of February.  A crowd of intrepid little pods poking out of the soggy carpet of leaves.  I can almost see them shivering.


Galanthus nivalis. Wikipedia to the rescue again.


Today, it was like they were having a party on the beach.


The sun came out over them, and they were just lettin’ it all hang out.


Dancing to music only flower ears can hear.


They just look like they’re having fun.

My shadow

Me too.  Here’s a shot of me trying to take a picture of myself.  Must have had too many margaritas at the flower party.  Actually, I thought I’d be clever and take a photo to see if I could locate the bug in my eye.  A sure sign spring cycling is just around the corner!  I couldn’t tell if the camera was going to take a photo or not, and gave up holding it in front of my face.  Turned out it was planning to take one, just taking its time about it.

Green tree in the sun

I took pictures near this spot a week ago.  My eyes were so happy to have all this colour reflected into them.  Turns out when they’re not sodden, these trees are actually green, even without their leaves!

Green tree closer

I don’t know if that’s healthy or not.